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 Becky Mungai RN, BA, CLNC, PLLC
Rick Friedman once introduced me at one of his seminars as: "This is Becky Mungai.  It is her goal to network the universe together".
I am in the business of helping make your life easier, better, more effective and providing you with a service that allows you to exceed your client's expectations.
I am a full-time Certified Legal Nurse ConsultantCM with over 27 years in nursing.  It is my passion to improve the safety of healthcare.  Assisting attorneys in evaluating the merits of a case, consulting with dozens of physician and nurse colleagues/associates, and identifying defendants and the deviations to the SOC is just part of what I provide as a valuable medical/legal team member.  As an expert in working up the case with Rules of the Road and Principles and identifying Reptile themes, I add a unique element.  In addition, I have a talent for finding just the right testifying expert for the case.
I have worked up 100's of cases in all medical/nursing specialties.  I have assisted with trials, depositions and mediations in almost every state. Between a dozen years as an Emergency/Trauma nurse (adult and pediatric) in a Level I Trauma Hospital and attending over 2,000 deliveries as the primary neonatal nurse, in addition to various other nursing areas - including but not limited to: private OR nurse, pediatrics, NICU, laser and injectible specialist, plastic surgery, telelphone triage, ski nurse, unit secretary, nurse extern, nursing home CNA - I have a broad range of knowledge and am uniquely qualified in providing accurate, up-to-date information, insight and expertise to every case.
I have met attorneys in hospital delivery rooms to explain the equipment and "paint the picture" of what happened and what "should have happened" - according to the standards of care and policies and procedures. 
I attend legal seminars to help understand the issues facing attorneys in today's legal climate.  I attend medical seminars to network with the leading experts in their fields. 

In addition to my nursing degree, I have a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, have completed all of my coursework for my teaching degree and have experience counseling and lecturing, and am a published author.  
For attorneys interested in using the Power of Positive Thinking and Co-creating their reality, I have extensively studied and perfected these techniques.

  • Certified Legal Nurse Consultant 
  • Neonatal Nurse attended 2,000+ deliveries
  • Pediatric/Adult Emergency and Trauma Room Nurse - over 12 years
  • NICU
  • Obstetrics
  • Telephone Triage Nurse 
  • Facial Cosmetic Surgery OR nurse 
  • Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Intake Counselor
  • Contributing Author - Case Management for Health Care Professionals Medical Textbook
  • Attended Phillips Academy, Andover, MA - Summer/Winter Programs - Received full scholarship
  • Whitman College Honors at Entrance and Early Admission
  • Collegiate Volleyball, Basketball and Golf Scholarships
  • Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority

Mungai & Associates

3311 Gulf Breeze Pkwy., #304

Gulf Breeze, FL  32563


863-583-7578 (Fax)


Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

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